Conference Glasses / Presidential Teleprompt

On a conference or award show we often use ‘Conference Glasses Teleprompt’. In the USA these are also referred to as the Presidential teleprompter system.

Twin glass Presidential Teleprompter Conference

We usually use a pair (or two pairs if two lecterns) of our specially-designed two-way prompting mirrors. Each glass is positioned either side of the lectern so that as the speaker reads from each one it appears that they are looking around the audience.

The script is reflected onto each panel from a monitor below, the text can be seen by the speaker but not the audience.

The glasses can be mounted on either manual or programmable electric stands.Our conference glasses package is operated from our laptop system running specialist professional software.

If the conference glasses presidential teleprompt solution sounds like it might be right for your conference please contact us today, we will put together a tailor-made package and quote that fits your exact needs.

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