Autocue & Teleprompting Video showcase

Kick back and take a moment to watch the videos in our showcase. We've kept them short and snappy but they are still a great way to learn more about the autocue and teleprompting services that we provide and products we offer.

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Teleprompting for outdoor broadcast's and location shoots

We've provided our portable teleprompter equipment for a host of outside broadcasts. In this compilation video we showcase our equipment in use in a range of settings - from daytime TV to news OB's (52 seconds).

Teleprompting for Broadcast / TV

An introduction to the autocue and teleprompting services that we provide to the TV and broadcast industry (47 seconds).

Teleprompting for Conferences

It doesn't get much bigger than this! A backstage look at our teleprompt solution in use at a major conference with world famous speakers. (63 seconds).