About Us

Prompting Plus is one of the UK’s most experienced autocue and teleprompting companies.

What do we do? It’s a short question with as many answers as there are types of productions.

We cover live news, sport, corporate videos, quiz shows, awards shows, comedies, interviews, conferences, AGM’s, concerts, location & OB’s, hand-held, battery powered – in fact any production that has an audience and a script. Take a look at the video over on the left to see what we mean or watch more on the videos page.

Prompting Plus was founded in 2004 by Pete Larter, who first started working in the prompting industry for Autocue Ltd in 1977, aged just 19.

Of course since then a great deal has changed, but what remains the same is the need to work on every requirement with the same high level of individual care and attention to detail.


That ethos runs through everything we do. The team of teleprompting operators here, some of whom also worked at the old, original Autocue Ltd, all know that our reputation is the only thing that counts.

It means that over the years we have worked in every type of media, all over the world. From live news, to conferences, awards shows, party politicals, feature films, commercials, sports OB’s, dramas, quiz shows, AGM’s, press and product launches, road shows, concert tours – in short, if it has a script or running order, we have the experience required to help everything run smoothly.

Please contact us to discuss your individual prompting requirements or if we can be of any further help at all.

Let us help you stay in control of events, call us now…