Hybrid Events

One of our on-camera units mounted on a tripod
Speaker’s view of our two-way prompting mirrors

The Covid pandemic changed the way people work in almost every business, but the Live Event industry went through some of the biggest challenges. With ‘Work From Home’ now being the new normal for many people live events had to move online as virtual or hybrid events. But how do you keep a remote viewer’s attention, and concentration, for the duration of a hybrid event in the same way as a live audience at a venue?

One answer is to use on-camera prompting systems, identical to those used in broadcast television. These give the ‘Direct Eyeline’ or Newsreader type camera shot that means the speaker is always looking their audience in the eye. In terms of human communication eye contact is essential to trustworthiness and sincerity, and to keep the attention of someone you are talking to.

Variety of simultaneous eyeline camera shots from QuVu

Our prompting systems also mean that, unlike when using a laptop camera, different camera shots are available. So the presenter can be seated or standing, in close-up or wide-shot, in a two-shot with another co-presenter or contributor and so on. Such camera shot changes are also a huge help in maintaining the attention of a viewer.

As well as on-camera prompting systems we also offer our unique QuVu system. Using QuVu means that remote delegates get the same camera shot as those at the venue. More information about the options for using QuVu can be found at www.quvu.tv

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