Why do professionals use Prompting Plus?

To many, especially those outside the media industry, prompting is thought of as just something for people to use if they have a poor memory.

But that wrongly-held opinion ignores the fact that media production is a team business, the person at the front who is delivering the script is always supported by the production and technical crew.

  • So cues are hit in the right order. A particular ‘cue word’ in the script might, for instance, be the cue to run VT. It could also be when there is a lighting change, or when to fade up/down microphones – possibly all of these elements or many more at the same time. Using Prompting Plus means that you stay in control of events.
  • The script is always at the ‘heart’ of any media production. From the script flows the meaning and feel that captures an audience. Using Prompting Plus ensures that the script remains central to the production throughout every stage.
  • And time is always paramount. If a recorded production there is a schedule to keep, too many retakes can cause delays right through to the edit suite. On a live show it may have to finish exactly on time, right down to the second. Using Prompting Plus means that the time allocated has a very good chance of being the time needed.
  • Law of Intended Consequences. Even if the crew, for instance, on a video shoot might only include (as well as our operator!) the cameraman – the script as always will still have been planned to convey a particular message to an audience. Using Prompting Plus means that the end result matches the original concept.

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